How to hang a bike on the wall.

Hanging your bicycle on the wall is a great way to free up space in your flat or apartment.

Keeping your bike indoors makes a lot of sense if you don't have secure garden storage. With high end bicycles costing as much as car - you really don't want to risk bike thieves pinching your bike from the garden shed.

To mount a bike on the wall you will want a wall mount bracket. We designed one called Maurad, it's simple and looks great - perfect for storing your favorite bicycle indoors.

Here we will cover two methods of hanging a bicycle on the wall. The method you choose will depend on the construction of your wall. It will either be a timber stud wall with plasterboard or a solid masonry wall.

Drywall or plaster with timber stud.

If your wall is made from timber studs then you will need to locate a timber stud and use that as your anchoring point. To find a stud you can use a tool call a stud finder. Alternatively you can knock on the wall at intervals horizontally until you hear a change of sound. When your knocking on a stud the sound will generally be deeper and less hollow. To attach the bicycle mount simply screw an appropriate woodscrew through the plasterboard and into the stud.

Masonry wall.

To fix a bicycle wall mount to a masonry wall you will need to use wall plugs. These plastic devices expand when a screw is inserted into them to create a tight anchoring point. First - mark on the wall where you want the bicycle rack. Mark where the screw holes need to be. Our bicycle wall mount comes with 6mm wall plugs. For this case, drill a hole with a 6mm masonry drill bit deep enough for the wall plug to fit. Once the holes are drilled insert the wall plugs into the holes. Place the wall mount in place and screw it in place using the provided screws.



Disclaimer: This blog post should be used as a guide and professional advise should be sought if you are not confident in your approach to mounting items on the wall. Huxlo do not take responsibility for any injury or damage that may occur as a result of mounting items to the wall.

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