CNC Cutting Services Bristol

At Huxlo we operate an industrial CNC machine with a 1220x2440mm cutting area. We work with the trade and public to fabricate parts for their projects.

  • .STP and .DXF files accepted
  • Based in Bristol, can deliver nationwide

About our CNC Machine

Key Features:

  • 1220x2440mm cutting area
  • 36mm maximum depth of cut
  • Automatic tool changer with 8 tools
  • Vacuum bed to hold parts without tabs (small parts will still require tabs)

Our Cutting Tools:

  1. 6mm Up & Down Cutter: Our most commonly used tool featuring an up and down spiral to prevent veneers from chipping. This tool leaves a crisp finish on plywoods and veneers.
  2. 8mm Up & Down Cutter: An 8mm diameter cutter with an up and down spiral to prevent veneers from chipping. The wider diameter makes the tool stronger so it can be run at more agressive speeds.
  3. 6mm Up Spiral Cutter: This cutter is used when the feature is small and chips need to be evactuated from the area to avoid burning. Good for removing chips but will tear veneers when cutting across the grain. Most commonly used for boring holes.
  4. 4mm Up Spiral Cutter: A small cutter used for boring small features. Smaller tools like this can snap easily so they must be used slowly.
  5. 3mm Drill Bit: Simple 3mm drill bit for drilling pilot holes.
  6. 5.5mm Drill Bit: Simple 5.5mm drill bit for drilling slightly larger pilot holes. Often used for flat-pack fixings.
  7. 45 degree V Cutter: A V-groove cutter to create chamfers.
  8. 2mm Down Spiral Cutter: A tiny 2mm diameter cutter with a down spiral cutter. The down cut feature enables the tool to engrave without chipping veneers. Used for engraving lettering or part numbers, or as a score line to prevent small features from tearing out.

CNC machining bristol tool changer

A 6mm up down cutter sitting inside the automatic tool changer.


Stock Materials

We usually carry stock of the following materials:

  • 18mm Birch Plywood
  • 18mm MDF
  • 6mm MDF

On-Demand Materials

We can supply the following materials on-demand:

  • 6-36mm Birch Plywood 
  • 6-36mm MDF
  • Valchromat
  • 19mm Hardwood Veneer MDF
  • Chipboard
  • 19mm Recycled Plastic Stormboard
  • PVC
  • Acrylic
  • Pfleiderer Laminate on Plywood or MDF (similiar to Formica)
  • Many more - please enquire.

Plywood cnc cutting services bristol

The contours of these birch plywood parts were cut with a 6mm up down cutter to prevent tearing the top layer. This finish was achieved with one pass of 18mm.


Pricing comprises of the following elements:

  • Labour and machine time
  • Materials
  • Waste Disposal
  • Packaging
  • Delivery - Pallet delivery £95

Please email us at for a quote.

cnc cutting services bristol

We can also remove tabs and sand parts in our workshop.


  • Can you cut all the way through 18mm in one go? Yes we can with a 6mm tool or thicker.
  • How accurate is your machine? We are accurate to 0.2mm on average. Accuracy depends on the type of tool we are using and the way we use it. If you tell us which dimensions are critical there are a number of ways we can ensure accuracy.
  • Can I watch you manufacture parts? Due to health and safety this is not usually possible. In the past we have been able to invite film crews into our manufacturing space, however this limits what can be done in the workshop at the time and so we must charge a fee.
  • How do you price a project? Pricing comprises of setup labour, maching time, materials, packaging and waste disposal. One off projects will have a higher propotion of setup labour, while batch production projects will be more dependant on material costs.
  • What files do you accept? We accept .STP (3D) or .DXF (2D) files.
  • What software do you use? We use Autodesk Fusion 360 to create manufacturing setups and the code needed to run a CNC machine.
  • How do I pay? We require payment in advance and this can be done through our website, we will send you a link to pay once a project has been accepted.
  • How does the vacuum work? The vacuum pump pulls air through the bottom of the machine and sucks the material to the machine. We use a sacrificial sheet of MDF underneath your material so that we do not cut into the CNC machine. MDF is pourous so allows the air to be sucked through it.
  • I don't have a .DXF or .STP file, can you use a different file? We may be able to convert the file, please email us with details.
  • How do I collect? Once your project is finished we will send you an email with the next available collection dates. We are based in a modern business park with plenty of parking and our workshop has a big up and over door to make collecting large materials easy.
  • Can you deliver? We use a private courier service and can arrange delivery if you would like us to. We can also palletise goods for delivery via national pallet network.
  • Can I send my own materials? Yes, however you must ensure that they arrive during working hours and are well labelled with your project reference.
  • What are tabs? Tabs are small bits of material left to connect the part to the rest of the sheet. Tabs are used so that parts are held in place and do not go flying when being cut. Our vaccuum bed enables us to not use tabs on the majority of larger parts, however on small parts we use tabs to stop parts moving. They can be removed with a sander or flush trim router.
  • My design is on paper and I don't have a file, can you create one for me? Yes, we are experienced in detail design and create one for you. This is charged at an engineers rate.
  • How far apart do parts need to be? Parts need to be slightly farther apart than the diameter of the tool we are using to cut. For 18mm material we will typically use a 6mm diameter tool and space parts 7mm apart.
  • Do I need to layout the parts myself? No - we can layout the parts for you in our software. You may want to do a rough layout yourself to check that your design uses sheet material efficiently.

 A chamfered edge using a v groove cnc bit

A chamfered edge achieved using a 45 degree v-groove bit.


A barrier screen with precision routed grooves.


We are based in the modern Filwood Green Business Park. The full address is:

Unit 22, Filwood Green Business Park, Bristol, BS41ET.

How I do create a CNC cutting layout?

Please follow these guidelines if you would like to pre-prepare your parts for CNC machining.

  • Leave a minimum of 9mm between the edge of the sheet and parts
  • For material thickness 18mm and below: leave a minimum of 7mm between parts
  • For material thicker than 18mm: leave a minimum of 9mm between parts