BBC Bristol Office Fit Out

BBC Studios have moved their historic HQ to a new site in the city centre. The new site features 3 floors of offices and we worked to create two very special joinery installs in the reception area.

Huxlo installed office for the BBC in Bristol

The Concept

The concept was to use layers of 27mm Binderholz Spruce engineered board to create a sculptural and organic 3D wooden shape.

The installation was first modelled in 3D software to create the unique design. Each of the 13 ribs is different and each rib is divided into 4 sections, creating 52 unique parts. We had to come up with a numbering system to avoid confusion!

CNC Spruce Engineered Board

The design looks like layers of wood have been stacked on top of each other, however this would be extremely heavy and very wasteful of material. Instead we constructed a hollow base frame with slots for the ribs to sit in.

Curved wall CNC fabrication

Every part of the install was machined in our workshop. After a bit of experimenting we found that the best way to machine Binderholz Spruce was with a 8mm up/down compression cutter. We would machine with a roughing pass before a finishing pass to aid work holding and improve the surface finish.

Trophy Wall

BBC Bristol New Office by Huxlo
Sitting opposite the reception desk, the trophy wall is home to awards and BBC memorabilia.
BBC Bristol Office Entrance Bridgewater House by Huxlo
The spruce was finished in a water based varnish to stop the wood from yellowing. The panels seperating the ribs are finished in Farrow and Ball Pitch Black.

Entrance Wall

BBC Studios office Bristol by Huxlo
Walk through the double doors off the main road and you will find the entrance wall. The curved timber covers two perpendicular walls seamlessly. The BBC Logo was built into the middle of the wall before all the remaining faces were covered with preserved moss.
BBC Studios office made by Huxlo
BBC Office Bristol Entrance Bridgewater House

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