Case Study: TransUnion Bleachers Seating


TransUnion is an American consumer credit reporting agency. TransUnion collects and aggregates information on over one billion individual consumers in over thirty countries. We worked with partner design companies to specify and implement this stunning auditorium space into their office. 

Bleachers office seating London

The process started with an enquiry containing an interior designers vision of the space. We worked to create a proposal using our product range to closely match the desired design intent. Creating the space using our already designed modular products makes the tiered office installation much more affordable than commissioning a completely bespoke design.Tiered office seating proposal design in 3D

We issued a proposal of tiered office seating using a mixture of Basecamp and Lekplats units. These bleachers modules are modular and stack next to each other to create unique designs. The best bit - it's flexible. When requirements change in the future, the seating can move with it!

tiered bleachers office seating with cushions in london

A key part of the specification was sustainability. The timber we use is all FSC or PEFC certified and the lacquer is water based. Water based paints are less toxic than oil based paints, offseting less VOC and not requiring solvents for cleaning.The workshop where we manufacture products is BREEAM certified. The building is highly efficient both in construction and day to day operations, specifically designed to achieve a 40 per cent CO2 reduction, saving an estimated 46 tonnes of CO2 annually (equivalent to 276 double decker buses). floor plan proposal view of tiered office seating
In this design we used 3x Basecamp TS01 units, 8x Lekplats 4 and 1x Lekplats 2. The customer chose an alternating upholstery colour pattern using CSE21 and CSE29, 2 of the 44 upholstery colour choices available.
Modular Tiered Office Seating Bleachers
We arranged a London based fitter for the customer. The goods arrived by pallet at 9am where the fitter was waiting to accept them. The tiered seating was taken to the 2nd floor and installed during the day. 
Stackable modular seating
The customer had the choice of 44 different colours in the Camira Era commercial fabric range. Samples can be arranged upon request.
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