About Huxlo

Our Workshop

Huxlo products are made in our small facility on the edge of Bristol. Our process is centered around digital manufacturing, we use large computer driven machines to precisely fabricate parts. From there our skilled operatives follow a carefully curated process to turn parts into products.

Vision & Mission

Simplify the built environment, both aesthetically and practically. We aim to create great products that solve problems in efficient, beautiful ways. The way we interact with you, the customer, should be straight forward and transparent.

Our approach follows a few key design principles.

  • Empower the customer
  • Modularise and future proof
  • Build efficiency at every step
  • Always simplify where possible


Huxlo started with an ambition of doing design differently and using technology to better the built environment. Matt founded the company in 2016 whilst finishing off his Masters degree in Engineering Design at the University of Bristol.

The Huxlo concept developed through a series of experiments, prototype projects and iterations to where we are today. Our first gig was building a suite of furniture for the University of Bristol. Later we designed and built a flat-packed modular building. The process is the bit that excites us, using technology to create great products, to a high standard, quickly and at scale.

Our range of products is small but growing. The same is true for our team who work to produce great products, constantly refining the way we do this with ambitions of scaling the model.

Interested in being part of this journey? We plan to raise investment in 2022, contact matt@huxlo.co.uk for more information.

Matt working on prototypes in 2017.

Team Huxlo

Huxlo comprises of a team of engineers, designers, makers and do-ers united by a common theme of efficiency, simplicity and problem solving.

Where does the name Huxlo come from? The name Huxlo was derived from the author Aldous Huxley. Huxley anticipates huge scientific developments in technology in his dystopian novel Brave New World, set in a futuristic world of systems and order. Ahead of his time, Huxley wrote the book before computers and modern day electronics could be comprehended. Our logo combines "ux" in the centre of our name, highlighting that user experience is at the heart of what we do.


Sustainable as standard is our aim and we have taken steps to reduce our impact on the environment in a number of ways.

  • The wood we purchase is always FSC or PEFC certified.This means that the processes involved in creating the material are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable.
  • The workshop where we manufacture products is BREEAM certified. The building is highly efficient both in construction and day to day operations, specifically designed to achieve a 40 per cent CO2 reduction, saving an estimated 46 tonnes of CO2 annually (equivalent to 276 double decker buses). The environmental ethos is incorporated throughout the building with electric vehicle charging points, a sedum green roof, and extensive photovoltaic panels. It is the second highest environmentally performing industrial building in the UK.
  • The waste wood is recycled. We use computer software to generate the most efficient use of materials, however some waste is inevitable. Waste is sorted and collected by local partners for recycling.
  • The paints and varnishes are water based. Although still not perfect, water based paints are less toxic than oil based paints, offseting less VOC and not requiring solvents for cleaning.
  • The packaging is recyclable where possible. As standard we use cardboard and paper packaging that can be recycled easily.
  • The products are robust and designed to last a long time. The designs do not follow short term fads - our products are here for the long haul.