Why go modular? 8 benefits to modular products.


Modular products are tested off the shelf designs that can work in a number of configurations to suit a designer's needs. They are manufactured in controlled environments to high standards, here we dive into 8 benefits of using modular products.

tiered seating modular blocks

1- Get Exactly What You Specified

It’s all about the details. As a designer, you specify for a reason. Ensuring that the final product matches the design is critical for a successful project. You can eliminate a lot of “lost in translation” issues by implementing modular products into your designs by specifying modular products.

2 - Manage Quality Control

Modular products are manufactured off site in controlled environments. They have been prototyped and tested prior to being offered to the customer and they are refined over time to ensure absolute satisfaction. When choosing a modular product you can be confident that the quality will delight your client.

3 - Remove Mess and Space Requirements From Site

When choosing modular you can streamline the project's timeline by removing trades from the site. Modular products can arrive fully built, requiring to be placed in the right location. Alternatively they can arrive flat-packed and be simply assembled by labourers. Both these approaches are mess free and do not require a large work area, this is the project manager's dream. Bespoke joinery often has to start after floors are laid and all work requires careful attention not to damage the surrounding areas. Modular products can arrive at the end of the programme without any risk of damage.

4 - Reduce Cost

Modular products often work out more competitive than bespoke alternatives. Modular manufacturers produce high quantities of similar products and therefore benefit from economies of scale. Our modular products are priced to be an affordable alternative to bespoke builds.

modular seating product

5 - Reduce Risk

When building products for the first time there is always a high risk of failure. I don’t think I have ever seen a project that went perfectly the first time. This is why we have the design process - ideate, prototype, test, repeat. By choosing modular products you reduce risk massively which increases the chances of delivering projects on time and to budget.

6 - Don’t Let Costs Spiral

Following on from above, snags and delays cost money. With modular products you can eliminate risk and therefore reduce the risk of costs spiralling out of control.

7- Future Proof

A design can only be as good as its specification, and specifications change over time. As the workplace matures, the way that it works will develop. By choosing a modular product you can ensure that the workplace can change with requirements. Modular products work in a variety of configurations. What’s more, they can be moved around by employees rather than trade professionals. This encourages a dynamic workplace that will always work for the businesses current requirements

8 - End of Life and Circular Economy

Businesses are always growing and changing and when they do they often move their workplace. Fixed bespoke features are ripped out and sent to landfill at the end of a space's life. Modular products live on. They can either be moved to the new location or re-purposed in another business. This is really important in the journey towards becoming a circular economy and meeting sustainability targets.


In conclusion, modular products offer a large number of benefits over fixed installations. They reduce risk and cost whilst increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Modular products create a dynamic workplace that can change with requirements.

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modular tiered seating on wheels

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