Case Study: Freeborne Media and Wild Space Productions

Huxlo special projects worked with design and build specialists Interaction to deliver a stunning central Bristol office.

Freeborne Media and Wild Space Productions looked to create a new workspace hub in Bristol that would house their production teams and instil a progressive and collaborative working culture.

Health and wellbeing were at the forefront of their brief, and sustainable furniture and accessories was a must. With this in mind Interaction designed a green space, merging stylish furnishings with natural finishes throughout the new Freeborne Media and Wild Space Productions hub.

Huxlo were brought on board from the start to advise on feasability, value engineering and material selection. The team was responsible for the delivery of 9 bespoke items. These were all fabricated off site and installed within 3 days resulting in an on time delivery.



Timber was repurposed and sourced locally as requested by the client. Huxlo advised the design team of suitable materials throughout the design process. Innovative materials were incoorporated such as 100% recycled plastic board used as a bar counter top.


Biophilia and natural light play a central role in the design of the project. Planting was placed in abundance throughout the space, such as hanging baskets and plant pots, to create a sense of calm and comfort. This coupled with large windows around the perimeter of the office space brings the outdoors in, reducing stress levels and improving wellbeing.

The final result is a slick, modern, natural and inspirational hub perfectly embodying the progressive and creative culture embedded in the Freeborne and Wild Space team. Whilst bespoke and unique to the project the fit out remains efficient and functional, a perfect combination for a successful workplace.

All waste timber from the St Stephens Joinery package was collected by Bristol Wood Recycling Project. Everything collected is reused or recycled.

Photo credit: Interaction

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