4 pro organising tips.

Tidy space, tidy mind. Right? If you're anything like me then you work best in a clean and organised environment. And who doesn't love being productive? Here's my 4 top tips for home organisation.

Organised mess is still mess.

The first step in your process should be to declutter. Scan each room and start a "keep" and "toss" pile. Trying to organise without removing the clutter will leave you frustrated and unsuccessful.

Think colours.

Your colour palette has a lasting effect on how organised a space "feels". Loud colours can overpower a space and promote a busy feeling. Neutral palettes are calming and promote an organised space. Neutral colours also tend to be timeless and can be used all year round.

Think Vertical.

wall mounted bicycle rack

Utilising vertical space you can generate a lot more storage space. Wall mounted cabinets or shelving are great for this. Be careful with open shelving - a cluttered shelf will promote a busy aesthetic, try using identical boxes to keep things tidy. Wall space can be a great place to store large items such as surfboards or bikes. We designed the bicycle wall mount for exactly this purpose.

Think Fitted.

Fitted furniture that maximises your buildings constraints promotes organisation in two ways. Firstly it can be used to achieve a clean aesthetic, minimising gaps between furniture and the room. Through made to measure furniture you can utilise spaces previously left bare. Think custom desks in an unused cupboard nook.

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