Maurad Bike Wall Mount

Maurad Bike Wall Mount

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MAURAD is our bike wall mount. It was designed for displaying your favourite bike in the home. The simple storage solution allows you to hang your bike on the wall. This bike hanger comes in two sizes depending on your handlebar width.

  • Birch Plywood
  • Made in UK
  • Mounting Hardware Included

How strong is it?
The vertical laminations in the arms are extremely strong and the rack on its own has been tested to 80kg. The wall fixings are the weakest part of the system, the supplied wall plugs and screws have been selected as suitable for your average bicycle. We recommend you use MAURAD sensibly (with bikes only!) and take no responsibility for incorrect wall fixing.

How do you fix it to the wall?
For plaster and brick walls you will need to use the supplied wall plug. For stud walls (plasterboard on top of timber studs), you will need to locate a stud and screw directly through the plasterboard and into the stud.

Technical Specification

Drawing is of the road bike version. The hybrid version is the same but with longer arms.

Assembly Process

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bike wall mount huxlo
bike wall mount huxlo

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