At Huxlo we're using technology to deliver custom products at affordable prices. This is the journey your product goes on from purchase to delivery.


At we offer many products in custom sizes and colours. Use the website to tell us exactly what you want.


Your order is carefully checked by a member of the team. All our product designs are stored as digital 3D models. We are able to input your custom sizes and generate exact plans for your product.


From these plans we create instructions for our robotic manufacturing machines and pass the process over to them.


Our machines are loaded with material and they create parts much like a printer.


After the machining process the parts are removed and taken to paint. Multiple layers of paint are applied for a factory finish in your choice of colour.


The parts are taken to a dedicated sanding station. Your purchase is carefully sanded by hand over multiple stages.


The product is quality inspected before being protected with packaging and shipped to your door. In most cases your product arrives flat-packed with minimal assembly needed.


Your products have been designed and made to last. We hope you will enjoy them for many years to come, we hope that you will love them and they will love you back. Thank you for buying Huxlo.