We are an all in one design and manufacture studio for architectural products. Large storage units, reception desks and tiered seating are examples of the projects we can deliver

Often clients come to us with a concept, we take this all the way through detail design, manufacture and delivery.

Concept Design


With an in house design studio we are capable of taking a brief and producing concept designs to satisfy. You will receive annotated sketches of potential solutions to your brief.

Detail Design

The Huxlo design and manufacture studio are experts at designing architectural products for manufacture. We are well equipped to specify the most suitable materials and joinery methods in any situation. At this stage your project will be designed in 3D using computer aided design (CAD) software. We will deliver high quality renderings of the design and share the 3D model itself that you can view in your web browser.


We're not your normal joinery company. We specialise in CNC machining (using robotic cutting machines to precisely manufacture parts). Because of our unique approach we can often produce bespoke items very affordably in batches.