Environmental Responsibility

Huxlo aims to be sustainable as standard in its business processes. This page outlines the measures we take in reducing our environmental impact.


The Huxlo studio is based in The Filwood Green Business Park, a pioneering development for Bristol City Council and the Homes and Communities Agency, providing a BREEAM certified workspace. BREEAM rated developments are more sustainable environments that enhance the well-being of the people who live and work in them and help protect natural resources. The building is highly efficient both in construction and day to day operations, specifically designed to achieve a 40 per cent CO2 reduction, saving an estimated 46 tonnes of CO2 annually (equivalent to 276 double decker buses). The environmental ethos is incorporated throughout the building with electric vehicle charging points, a sedum green roof, and extensive photovoltaic panels. It is the second highest environmentally performing industrial building in the UK.


Material Sourcing

The timber we purchase from new is always FSC or PEFC certified. This means that the processes involved in creating the material are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable. Reclaimed timber is sourced from the Bristol Wood Recycling Project, a social enterprise working to benefit the community and environment, transforming waste into shared assets through an inclusive volunteering program. As a studio we are always looking for new sustainable materials to offer such as 70-100% recycled plastic board that can be used as a hard weathering material.


Material Usage

Our engineering approach to joinery allows us greater control over material use. We use computer software to tessellate parts onto sheet materials, generating the most efficient use of materials.

Huxlo at Filwood Green Business Park

The Huxlo workshop is located at Filwood Green Business Park, a BREEAM rated development.