Our mission: Simplify the built environment.



Where did Huxlo come from?

Huxlo was started by Matthew Mew, a Design Engineer, Entrepreneur and University of Bristol graduate. He knew a lot about robotics and manufacturing and had a keen interest in architecture and product design. Matthew wanted to bring the quality and efficiency of digital manufacture into the architecture and construction sector.

What does Huxlo work on?

Huxlo is a design studio and platform for innovation. We operate like a normal business to keep the lights on and to allow us to develop new technologies and services.

    What about the name?

    The name Huxlo was derived from the author Aldous Huxley. Huxley anticipates huge scientific developments in technology in his dystopian novel Brave New World, set in a futuristic world of systems and order. Ahead of his time, Huxley wrote the book before computers and modern day electronics could be comprehended. Huxlo derives from the desire to use modern technology to create a better and democratic world.